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TOYOTA Avensis Recall

Steering - wear of the intermediate shaft spline

TOYOTA Avensis recall May 2004TOYOTA announced a problem with the Avensis affecting a total of 10,627 vehicles.

It is possible on certain Avensis models fitted with Electric Motor assisted Power Steering (EMPS), that the intermediate steering shaft was incorrectly assembled, this can result in premature wear of the shaft splines. This is identified by the abnormal noise produced, however, if the vehicle continues to be driven in this condition, it may become difficult, or in the worst case impossible to steer. Vehicles built from 01/15/2003 to 11/05/2003 are at risk.

The following remedial action is necessary to address this problem. Inspect and if necessary replace the intermediate steering shaft.

Vehicles with the following identification numbers are affected:

SB1DR56L-0E001128 to SB1DR56L-0E041829
SB1BR56L-0E001019 to SB1BR56L-0E042156
SB1ER56L-0E001007 to SB1ER56L-0E041908

How to check your car's VIN number - vehicle identification number

If you think that your vehicle may be affected by this recall you should find your nearest TOYOTA dealer who will be able to confirm whether or not your car is safe and arrange its free repair if necessary.

Source: UK Government's Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

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Steering - wear of the intermediate shaft spline
Manufactured by: TOYOTA
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