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CITROEN Berlingo Recall

Wipers, lights and battery charging may be affected

CITROEN Berlingo recall Jul 2008CITROEN announced a problem with the Berlingo affecting a total of 45 vehicles.

It has been identified that one component of the computer that controls the operation of the wipers, lighting, and battery charging is not to specification. This can result in erratic operation or failure of one or all of the specified functions. Vehicles built from 3/10/2008 to 3/11/2008 are at risk.

Recalled vehicles will have the subject computer replaced.

How to check your car's VIN number - vehicle identification number

If you think that your vehicle may be affected by this recall you should find your nearest CITROEN dealer who will be able to confirm whether or not your car is safe and arrange its free repair if necessary.

Source: UK Government's Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

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Wipers, lights and battery charging may be affected
Manufactured by: CITROEN
Model: Berlingo